铜箔抗剥离强度测试仪(Copper Foil Peel Strength Tester)按IPC-TM-650试验方法手册中的2.4.8和2.4.9设计制造,专业用于覆铜层压板和印制线路板工业的实验室外中测量柔性板和刚性板上铜箔的抗剥离强度。是PCB厂家选择的最佳产品。结构简单、操作方便,可放置于工作台上进行试验。其采用电子控制系统,经调速器控制调速马达转动,再经过变速机械机构减速后驱动T型丝杆副

铜箔抗剥离强度测试仪(Copper Foil Peel Strength Tester)按IPC-TM-650试验方法手册中的2.4.8和2.4.9设计制造,专业用于覆铜层压板和印制线路板工业的实验室外中测量柔性板和刚性板上铜箔的抗剥离强度。是PCB厂家选择的最佳产品。结构简单、操作方便,可放置于工作台上进行试验。其采用电子控制系统,经调速器控制调速马达转动,再经过变速机械机构减速后驱动T型丝杆副带动横梁上升与下降,来完成试样的拉伸或压缩试验。力值由推拉力计反馈显示,试验速度实时显示。本机可用于测试材料、成品、结构物之拉伸、压缩、撕裂、剥离强度等,广泛应用于电线电缆、塑料薄膜、橡胶制品、纺织皮革、服装鞋业、汽车配件、五金配件等多种行业,是品质管理、物性试验之基本设备。

The design and manufacture of copper foil peel strength tester (Copper Foil Peel Strength Tester) 2.4.8 and 2.4.9 of IPC-TM-650 Test Methods Manual professional for copper-clad laminates and printed circuit board industries experimentaloutdoor measuring the peel strength of the flexible sheet and the rigid panel of copper foil. PCB manufacturers to choose the best products. The structure is simple, easy to operate, and can be placed on the work bench trial. The use of electronic control systems, the governor speed control motor rotation, and then, after the shift mechanical reducer drive beams rise and fall of the Tscrew vice driven to complete the tensile or compression tests. Force value by pushing or pulling force feedback, the test speed realtime display. The machine can be used to test materials, finished products, tensile structures, compression, tearing, peeling strength, widely used in wire and cable, plastic film, rubber products, textiles and leather, clothing footwear, automotive accessories, hardware accessories and more the seed industry, quality management, physical property test of basic equipment.


1. 最大试验力:500 N力表能力:可选择0-1kg,0-5kg,0-10kg,0-15kg的力表。

2. 测试误差:±0.5%

3. 剥离速度:50mm/分(2"/分)
4. 试验行程:100mm

5. 速度精度:±1%

6. 力值分辨率:0.1N

7. 测试方式:电子控制,点动/自动切换

8. 电源:220V

9. 外形尺寸:310*410*500mm(W×D×H)

★.The main technical indicators
1.maximum test force: 500 N force table capacity: selectable 0-1kg ,0-5kg ,0-10kg ,0-15kg of force table.
2.Test error: ± 0.5%
3.Peel speed: 50 mm / min (2 "/ min)
4.Experimental stroke: 100 mm
5.Speed accuracy: ± 1%
6. Force value Resolution: 0.1N
7.Test ways: electronically controlled, jog / automatic switching
8.Power supply: 220V
9.Dimensions: 310 * 410 * 500 mm (W × D × H)
10.Net weight: 16kg
11.The professional foil peel strength measurement rigid CCL fixture with rigid sample small trolley


1.力值数字液晶显示,可辨别拉力或压力,液晶界面清楚易读 ;







★.Main functions and features
1.The force value digital LCD discernible tension or pressure, liquid crystal interface is clear and easy to read;
2.Load instantaneous value, the load peak hold, the load peak delay maintain the three display modes;
3.Three units of measurement: N-Kgf-Lbf optional and can automatically interchangeable;
4.The load of the upper and lower limits set executable GO, NG judgment;
5.LCD with backlight, can be used in low-light environments;
6.Overload buzzer alarm indicator light turns red, the screen shows three ways alerts;
7.Single determination, you can read pull peak pressure in both directions, and can automatically and manually cleared;
8.With stroke limiter and overload shutdown feature.
9.USB data cable can be connected with computer use, the use of software for statistical analysis and Rally chart real-time display.